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Being in a relationship is a bit like being in a car. We’re going along, the road is smooth. Then we hit a bump. Or a series of bumps. Maybe even a sinkhole.


When our relationships are going smoothly, they are the unseen fuel that powers our creativity, our ability to analyze problems, to create and implement solutions and to have fun doing it all.


But when relationships inevitably get bumpy, they wear on us mentally, emotionally and physically. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that would help us understand why our relationships flow smoothly when they do as well as what happens when they inevitably get bumpy?


That’s what this program does. It gives you The Stage Page, which can be used to improve any relationship you have – professional or personal.

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Better Than Gold


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"This workshop is a great tool for nonjudgmental discovery. Barbara and Nancy provide a creative and fun way to raise self awareness, recognize interpersonal dynamics, and reflect on possibilities for future ways of relating. Who they are spoke as loudly as what they shared their authenticity, candor, humor and insights made this a valuable investment."
Carla Ruiz,
Luck Stone Corporation