Create Healthy Relationships:
Apply and Teach a New, Effective Tool


Teaching Methods:
This program is highly participatory. Participants will apply the tools to themselves, thus learning by doing. The instructors will use exercises, drawings, enactments, mini-lectures and demonstrations as well as dyadic, small and large group discussions. The instructors will also use actual cases to illustrate application of the tools to various client relationship situations.


Program Schedule:


8:00 – 8:30:

  • Registration; coffee, tea, juice and water


8:30 – Noon:

  • Overview
  • "The Stage Page" concepts
  • Applying "Stage Page 1" to yourself and the Master Case
  • Applying "Stage Page 2" to yourself and the Master Case
  • 6 techniques for introducing The Stage Page to clients


11:50 – 12:40:

  • Lunch; bring your own; beverages will be provided


12:40 – 5:30:

  • 3 Tools for making "Stage Page 2" a reality; examples from cases; apply to yourself
  • The use of rehearsal
  • The use of modeling
  • Reframing relapse with The Stage Page
  • Using "Stage Page" Other to help clients reframe how they see others
  • Are there "good" and "bad" characters?
  • Practicum
  • Grounding the emotions that arise for clients with The Stage Page
  • Closure to the program and feedback


Very stimulating, fun and creative. "
– Annelise Perry, LCSW






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