Create Healthy Relationships:
Apply and Teach a New, Effective Tool


What do you get?
A proven tool to:

  • Energize yourself and your clients
    • Sometimes clients get "stuck". Both they and we can feel as if we're cycling through the same material without making progress. These tools can move the client out of the quagmire.
  • Use when nothing else is working
  • Get clients invested in recovery rather than content
    • This method stops repetitive storytelling and moves the client to action by grounding a story in the client's Stage Page.
  • Simplify what seems overwhelming
    • Sometimes a client can jump from issue to issue or respond to every intervention with “Yes, but…” This method lets you address underlying issues in a productive way that focuses the client and enables growth.

  • Put the work of therapy into the clients’ hands


You also get:

  • 7.5 CEs
  • Certification in The BMNL Method, Level A
  • A listing on our website and a link to your website, if you choose




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“Very organized, well-structured and very relevant to all individuals given that we're all in relationship whether with oneself or others.”
– Kirsten Franke, LCSW